Music Video

Our Mission is to create video content that goes above and beyond expectations, to be enticing, compelling and creative, but above all else to portray the artist’s vision and elevate their image. We cover every step of production from concept development to final edit. Falls Video brings music to life from start to finish.

A typical one location shoot usually takes three days: one day for concept development, one day to visit the site to plan and block, and one day to shoot. Each additional location typically adds a day or two to the project. Editing, finishing and delivery varies depending on the complexity of the video.

Sample Music Video: Mista DJ – Outta Myself

Shot at Beyond Baroque Arts Center in Venice, this video features LA rapper MISTA DJ in a single-cam, 3 hour session. The stage area was painted black, so a simple three light setup was chosen. A camera was suspended from the overhead truss to get the fast circular shots; handheld, dolly and static shots were also employed. The video was shot over two days: one day on cutaways (streets, planes, etc.) and one day on location. The original plan called for the light beam effect to emphasize only a few shots, but the effect was expanded into a core feature during post-production. Both versions were delivered to the artist, who ultimately preferred the effect throughout.

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