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Event Videography
Falls Video uses multiple cameras to professionally capture live events. Sports, competitions, battle of the bands, parades, theatre productions, etc. provide a great opportunity for a live event video. You can sell copies of the DVD, or just give them away, the choice is yours. If you're interested in having Falls Video cover your next event, contact us today!

Event Sample

Legal Video Services
Falls Video is Niagara's leading provider of legal video services. We employ state of the art digital video technology to help attorneys effectively manage and communicate multifaceted issues to juries.

Our legal video services include: Video Depositions, Day in the Life documentaries, Site Inspections, Pre and Post Construction Video, DVD Authoring, Digital & Analog Editing, Audio Enhancement, and Narration.

Falls Video understands the importance of high quality images at trial. Our attention to detail, from pre-production to product delivery, ensures a perfect video presentation every time. Look for our ad in the Hamilton Legal Directory.

Comprehensive Coverage
Video Resumes, Video Biographies, Property Insurance Video, Virtual Real Estate Tours; whatever your requirement, Falls Video will quote a reasonable price for your project.

If you have a compelling story waiting to be told, contact Falls Video to open a production dialog.

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